H2O/WATERWORKS (Entries due 10/21/2016)

Del Ray Artisans’ Members Exhibit Call for Entry
H2O/WATERWORKS at Del Ray Artisans Gallery
November 4–27, 2016

Digital entries due: Friday, October 21, 2016

Little Harbor Campground by Michele Reday Cook
“Little Harbor Campground” by Michele Reday Cook

Water works for us:  we may love it or hate it, crave it or fear it, but we all need it.  Our bodies are made up of  60% water and 71% of the earth’s surface is water. Water is beautiful, essential, dangerous and destructive.  It can manifest itself in so many forms: liquid, vapor, solid.   Artists have depicted water in many ways, for hundreds of years; we ask that you also consider showing water’s effect on us and our effect on water:  enjoyment, health, politics, ecology, and environment (pollution, climate change, protecting our water supply).

This is an all-member show, and the theme is meant to be fairly broad. Your Del Ray Artisans membership must be up-to-date.

Entry Details & Form (PDF)