Clowning Around (Entries due 7/24/2017)

Clowning Around Call for Entry
at Del Ray Artisans gallery
August 4- 27, 2017

Digital entries due: Monday, July 24, 2017 by midnight

Clowning Around by Gordon FrankClowns have been the subjects of paintings for centuries. Clowning Around is an exhibit that encourages artists to express their inner clown through art in fun, playful, sadistic, comedic, or tragic ways. Clowns have always evoked a variety of emotions from people. Many people are happy clown believers, drawn towards fanciful circus graphics or sympathetic weeping hobo clowns. Others prefer their clowns sinister, with creepy figures lurking in dark alleys.  We are asking artists to have some fun and pick a side: Happy or Scary. Try a clown portrait or create a figurine. There are many possibilities to explore. Your clown could be a satirical social comment, a painting that expresses a personal tragedy through laughter, a found object reshaped by your imagination, a photograph meant to produce uncomfortable giggles, or even having an absurd clown randomly popping up in a landscape. Embrace a childlike whimsy or journey into a carnival of crazy clowns.  It’s your world to explore. Join us in this romp with a truly American genre.

Entry Details & Form (PDF)