Board of Directors Positions

The Board of Directors consists of volunteer Officers and Directors. The Officers and Directors are elected by the Members at the Fall Annual Meeting by a majority or plurality vote of the attending Members as specified in the bylaws. Terms of office are one-year from January 1 to December 31.

Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Active members are welcome to visit any Board meeting. If members wish to address the Board or bring something up to the Board during one of the meetings, contact in advance of the meeting to be included on the agenda.

Del Ray Artisans has five Officers/Directors and up to 16 additional Directors. The Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer) form an Executive Committee, which could then take actions between Board meetings, as long as those actions do not countermand any previous Board positions or actions. The Executive Committee would also make recommendations to the Board for full Board action. All Officers and Board members report directly to the President. Below are the Executive Committee member duties as identified in the bylaws and descriptions of the current directorships.



The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors; and shall have such other powers and duties as designated in accordance with these bylaws and as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors; these include but are not limited to general executive charge of the organization, management and control of the properties, business and operations of DRA. As prescribed by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis, the President shall have the authority to agree upon and execute all leases, contracts, evidences of indebtedness and other obligations in the name of DRA.

Vice President

In the absence of the President, or in the event of his or her inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, as the case may be, and when so acting shall have all of the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the President. The Vice President shall perform such other duties and have such other powers as the Board of Directors may from time to time prescribe.


The Treasurer shall have responsibility for the charge and custody of all the funds and securities of DRA. He or she shall perform all acts incident to the position of Treasurer subject to the control of the Board of Directors.

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer shall act together with the Treasurer to exercise the powers and duties of the Treasurer.


The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Annual Meeting and of all other meetings of the Board of Directors and of the membership, in books provided for that purpose; shall attend to the giving and serving of all notices; shall have charge of such books and papers as the Board of Directors may direct, all of which shall at all reasonable times be open to inspection by any Director upon request; and shall in general perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary, subject to the control of the Board of Directors. In the absence of the Secretary at any meeting, the presiding Officer shall appoint any member present to keep the minutes of that meeting.


Director of Archives

The Archivist acts as the organization’s official historian and works closely with other Directors and staff in maintaining the organization’s photographic and written documents and records

Director of Communications

This Director is responsible for communications for the organization, including issuing the monthly newsletter and periodic e-mails to members and other e-mail announcement subscribers and overseeing the organization’s website. Communications is also responsible for public relations functions, including updating local events calendars, issuing press releases, posters, flyers, and invitations to shows. Communications assures conformance with organizational standards for all publicly available materials including posters, banners, brochures, postcards, and various handouts at the gallery.

Director of Community (Business Liaison)

This Director is a primary liaison with civic and business organizations within the community. He or she reports DRA news and events to the various community groups and reports back to DRA relevant news from those community groups. This Director also works with Outreach and Fundraising on community events.

Director of Curating

The Curator Director executes DRA’s annual exhibition schedule and advises/assists individual curators with all aspects of each show presented by DRA (this includes the Spring Outdoor Art Sale and Holiday Market); maintains and updates the Curators’ Manual, a complete reference manual for curators; recruits and trains members as curators and curator committee participants; ensures that all shows are conducted in compliance with organizational mandates and present a consistent professional appearance; solicits proposals for review by the Show Selection Committee to determine the annual exhibition schedule. As Chair of the Show Selection Committee, the Curator Director oversees the selection and development of the exhibition schedule for Board review.

Director of Facilities

Facilities is responsible for maintenance and upgrades of the organization’s building and grounds. The Garden Committee is a sub-committee of Facilities. Facilities keeps the Board apprised of necessary actions in support of DRA and works closely with Alexandria City officials on major renovations to the property.

Director of Fundraising Events

Plans and implements one or more major fundraising events or activities during the year, to meet agreed-upon annual financial and fundraising goals for DRA. Works with other directors and members to assist in planning and implementing additional events and activities in conjunction with their programs to ensure that these programs generate sufficient income to cover costs and meet individual program/event financial goals. Assists the Treasurer in developing realistic overall and targeted annual budget goals for DRA.

Director of Grants & Sponsorship

Oversees the production and delivery of DRA’s annual grant proposals for general operating grants—e.g. Virginia Commission for the Arts (VCA), and Alexandria Commission for the Arts (ACA), who send out annual requests for proposals. Researches and seeks out other funding opportunities for DRA, including new sources for general operating grants as well as for specific program grants. Assists other directors needing funding for their programs by seeking appropriate funding sources. Works with other directors to seek corporate and local sponsorship of DRA programs, events and/or special projects. Assists Treasurer in developing realistic overall and targeted annual budget goals for DRA.

Director of Membership

Membership is in charge of maintaining the organization’s membership database including the official email and USPS distribution lists, as well as the Membership Manual. This Director seeks to attract new members and foster renewal of membership by existing members. Membership assists in planning membership meetings and events with Programs, works closely with Volunteer and can also work with Fundraising and Community/Corporate.

Director of Outreach

Outreach is responsible for any event or activity in which DRA is reaching out into the community. Some activities/events include First Thursdays and Art on the Avenue.

Director of Programs

Programs oversees DRA’s quarterly General Member Meetings. The Programs Director also works closely with the Membership Director and show curators in planning special workshops, classes critiques and lectures for members and the public supporting artistic development.

Director of Technology

This Director is responsible for the design, development and maintenance of DRA’s web site, social media sites, and distributions of eNews. This Director works closely with the Communications Director who provides the written message, the Archivist who provides photographic content, and all other Directors to help support their goals when possible. Additional responsibilities include maintenance of DRA’s email addresses and email distribution lists.

Director of Volunteers

This Director handles recruitment, coordination & scheduling of volunteer needs (internal DRA needs, as well as external activities in which DRA participates); coordinates appreciation, recognition and perks for volunteers; maintains a volunteer list with areas of interest and skills; and coordinates and maintains the DRA telephone tree. The Volunteer Director also makes “welcome calls” to new members.

Director of Youth Programs

This Director is responsible for Art Camp, activities and educational curricula for youth, and the presentation of the Ted Eichers Memorial Art Scholarship.