What Does Del Ray Artisans do?

Creates an Inclusive Thriving Art Community

Del Ray Artisans (DRA) emphasizes support for emerging artists. Our focus on inclusiveness has attracted artisans with many skills, serving as a center for thriving artistic activity in the Del Ray community.

Artist Testimony – Working with my hands has always been essential. Working with people has been equally important to me. As a young adult I found my way to art as a respite of a complicated life, enjoying the benefits of the therapy I get from it, while developing skills in painting and collage. My involvement in Del Ray Artisans has given me an education in what it takes to pull people together to accomplish something meaningful for the community. —Theresa Kulstad

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Helps Del Ray Thrive

At the time of DRA’s inception, Mount Vernon Avenue was sorely in need of positive “street traffic”. As DRA began developing a reputation for bringing great art and new activity to the Avenue, interested, wealthier renters were attracted to their below rent gallery spaces, bringing new businesses to the community.

Community Testimony – The beneficial economic and cultural impact of the arts on our community, indeed nationally, cannot be overstated; particularly in these difficult times… As Mayor of the city of Alexandria, I have been an avid supporter of the art throughout my tenure. Organizations like Del Ray Artisans that seek to make art more accessible to the community-at-large and that provide exhibition space to student and emerging artists have my particular support. The arts help to qualify the vibrancy, diversity and culture contained in Alexandria, and in a broader sense in cities all across our Nation. The arts bestow an identity to communities; one that is truly and meaningful to their respective residents. —Former Mayor Bill Euille


Enlists Volunteer Support

With one part-time paid staff member, DRA’s activities are primarily designed, developed, and implemented with thousands of hours of volunteer time.


Supports Budding Artists

With Summer Art Camps, programs in schools and recreation centers, and through scholarships.

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